Adoption Fee

what's included

Our adoption fee reflects the quality determined of each kitten, as well as what is included. With each kitten, you get:

proper socialization + great with kids

bathed + groomed

vet examined

age-appropriate vaccinations


kitten welcome home starter kit

ESN (early spay/neuter)

Quality Grading (Pet vs Show)

Pet Quality: a pet quality kitten means a kitten hasn't quite made it to the Ragdoll Standard set out by TICA, and has mismarks or any traits that disqualify it from any show. 

Show Quality: a show quality kitten means a kitten is nearly or perfectly marked and is recognized by the TICA Ragdoll Standard, thus meaning it can also enter shows and possibly obtain outstanding awards!

our fee

pet quality | mismarked + altered | starts at $2400

show quality | nearly or perfectly marked + altered | starts at $3400

breeder quality | mismarked + unaltered | *not currently offered*

show breeder quality | nearly or perfectly marked + altered | *not currently offered*

retired breeder | altered | $500 - $1000 (each retiree is priced based on quality as well)

*we are not responsible for the success of your showings*

*below is the latest version of the TICA Ragdoll Standard*