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Have a question? We've provided a list of frequently asked questions, along with the other informational resources found directly on our website. If we still have not answered your question, please reach out!

  • 1. What is your pricing?
    Our general price ranges are from $3200 to $4500 (excluding breeding rights). Please refrain from emailing us with this question. We have provided the necessary information on our website, to eliminate the need to answer unnecessary questions. It will be ignored! We have a lot of inquiries and must prioritize serious inquiries, which are thoroughly researched.
  • 2. Do you have a waitlist?
    We do not have a waitlist. Please fill out our application found on our Kitten Application page. If approved, you will be added to our email list which will notify you when kittens become available. It is first come first serve. We highly recommend you provide two kitten choices in case someone else is in the process of reserving your first choice. Once you've reached out in response to the availability email with your kitten choices, we will create a contract for the chosen kitten. It must be signed and returned promptly before a deposit can be placed. Once the deposit is placed, you are locked in.
  • 3. Do you have kittens available?
    We get this particular question often. If our Available Kittens page has no current litters listed - we do not have any kittens at this time. If there are litters that are listed, we provide crucial information to make your life easier: date of births, approximate dates they'll become available, and approximate dates they're ready for their new homes. We unfortunately do not have the time to answer emails that only ask "Do you have kittens available?". So please, do your research or you will not get a response.
  • 4. When can I reserve a Kitten?
    Kittens have to go through an evaluation process to help us determine the quality for pricing accurately. Typically, by 8 weeks of age, we are able to use our best judgement to set their quality type and price. This is usually when litters become available for reserving.
  • 5. When can I bring my Kitten home?
    Kittens are not ready for rehoming until 12-14 weeks old. They need this time to learn from their mom and siblings!
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