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Our Adults are either Retired Breeders, or Adults who were part of our program but were retired before ever having Kittens.



Female Available (updated 05/22/24)


Luna - Adult Female

(registered name - Ragissa Elaine of Riverhaze)

Seal Lynx Bicolor

DOB 08.13.21


Luna is a doll, she is a 2.5 year old Female Ragdoll who was to be part of our breeding program, but never did have any kittens because she didn't get along well with our adult cats as an intact female and that is really important for us. She changed pretty drastically after being spayed. She is even more docile than she ever used to be. She loves people. I highly recommend adopting her as an only cat, or adopting her before adopting a kitten to play it safe. She loves rubbing up on you, will ask for pets, loves being flowered in attention, does not mind being held and will climb up onto your lap for some loves. You will find her by your side most of the time. Though we have young kids, she took a little longer to get used to them because they're unpredictable. But once she got used to them, she came around. Some of our favorite features of Luna is that she's quiet as a mouse, and a total gentle giant. She makes an incredible house cat because she loves being with you, doesn't demand attention, just likes being a loving companion for you. 


Luna is spayed, microchipped, up to date on vaccinations and recently vet checked (multiple times and passed with flying colors). She is ready for her new home!

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