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behind the name.

River Haze was created based on two things; our first Ragdoll Sire, and our Firstborn. 'River' is the name we had chosen for our first Sire Ragdoll, and 'Haze' is short for our daughter Hazel. 

behind the cats.


We are a team of four; husband + wife (Steve + Kaitlin) with 2 young children. We both grew up in households that adore animals. Kaitlin grew up in Toronto, Canada and owned and operated a ragdoll cattery with her mother from 2013-2018 when she married her husband and moved to USA. In 2020, we welcomed our first daughter and 6 months later established our new cattery. 

behind the cattery.

We have poured our hearts and soul into making this cattery ethical. Each ragdoll that has joined our breeding program has been very carefully selected, ensuring it meets the standard of the ragdoll breed. We are forever grateful for the many breeders who have trusted us with their ragdolls!

We are by appointment only, and only share our address with confirmed appointments.

Our Story

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