our story.


behind the name.

River Haze was created based on two things; our first Ragdoll Sire, and our Firstborn. 'River' is the name we have chosen for our first Sire Ragdoll, and 'Haze' is short for our daughter Hazel. 

Why we chose to do this? River is the foundation of our cattery establishment, fathering all of our kittens. Hazel is the light of our life and we want her to grow up learning responsibility through caring for these magnificent animals. Together, we think they make a great pair! 

behind the cats.

My name is Kaitlin, I grew up in the big city of Toronto, Canada. I've always loved animals since I can even remember, being particularly fond of kittens. I was about 7 or 8 years old when I was first introduced to a litter of kittens that my neighbors had. They ended up keeping one of the kittens, however, sadly, they never kept the mom and kitten in the house so they were always running about and always hungry. We ended up taking them in for the most part, feeding them, giving them shelter, and just doing the best we could without interfering because they weren't actually our pets. Later down the road, we noticed the kitten (who was now a full grown cat) was entering heats. So after keeping her indoors for a while we finally decided to let her get pregnant. By this point, the neighbors knew we took the cat on as our own and they didn't care about it. This was the start of experiencing our very own litter of kittens. I was still in elementary school. 

I remember it like yesterday. It was a school morning, and I was awoken to my mom and sisters telling me kitty was going into labor. I did not want to go to school! All day I couldn't stop talking about it, telling all my friends and teachers that I was going to have a litter of kittens waiting for me when I got home. And sure enough, there they were. It was just like how you'd see it in a little kids book. The mama cat and 5 little kittens were in a basket by the window, all cleaned and feeding. My mom took care of the whole thing and said mama cat did really well. Keep in mind, my mom grew up on a farm in the mid-west where she was always looking after farm animals, including litters of barn kittens. 

Fast forward several years, June of 2013. My mom and I were first introduced to the ragdoll breed through a classifieds ad. There were 2 cats for sale, one was a Siamese and the other a Ragdoll. We decided to take them together. Ironically, they were both intact females. This was when I decided I wanted to get into breeding. However, I didn't know much about it still. We got a male Siamese (we named him Bruno) and mated him to both the Siamese (her name was Gypsy) and the Ragdoll (her name was Sapphire). So, we had full Siamese and mixed Ragdoll/Siamese kittens. It didn't take us very long at all to realize we loved the Ragdoll breed. So we rehomed the Siamese and purchased a male Ragdoll. He was a STUNNER. He was a Blue Bicolor Lynx Ragdoll (his name was Sky) who came from a Registered Breeder. Long story short, we were the third owners of him, we didn't get him directly from the breeder which explains why he was still intact (the breeder trusted the original adopter to get him fixed). We got a few beautiful litters from Sky and Sapphire. We didn't know much about the registrations and all the pedigreed paperwork until April of 2016. This was when we first started our CATTERY together. We went official and we were SO excited about this big step. We had a lot of success, learned a lot along the way, had many experiences that we will never forget.

2 years later, in December 2018, I married my best friend and moved to the USA. I still helped my mom virtually with the Cattery, but there was something holding us back in our Cattery that we no longer stood for, and that was the fact we had a lot of Minks and Sepias. So my mom got in touch with some highly respected breeders who have been doing it for decades, and they gave her amazing advice which came to the conclusion to shut down our original cattery and start a new one with the appropriate standards we stand for (check her out, her cattery is Little York Ragdolls!). 

My husband and I soon got pregnant, and had our baby girl in May 2020. Her name is Hazel, and this is the foundation of our young Cattery. We want her to grow up learning the responsibility of caring for animals. So far, she is doing so good with our cats!

behind the cattery.

We have poured our hearts and soul into making this cattery ethical. Each ragdoll that joins our family has been very carefully selected based on ensuring it lives up to the standard of the ragdoll breed. Each cattery we even consider purchasing from is judged thoroughly to ensure they have the same standards we do when it comes to breeding this magnificent ragdoll breed. 

We are by appointment only, and only share our address with confirmed appointments.